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Operational, Efficiency and Feasibility

We believe in fostering a sustainable industry. In our consulting work, we take a long-term approach.

We look beyond individual events taking into account the larger strategy of your organization and the evolution of our industry as a whole.

Consulting Work

We offer a variety of consulting services for theatre companies, performing arts centers, and live event organizations to help streamline operations, drive business growth, harness additional revenue sources, increase employee retention, and improve efficiency.

Here are some areas we can help with:

  • Explore company goals & missions
  • Define target audiences
  • Define job roles and responsibilities
  • Build cash-flows and long-term financial planning
  • Create standard operating procedures
  • Set expectations for client management
  • Improve employee morale and retention
  • Assess Technology Needs
  • Establish Mentorship & Apprentice Programs

Past Projects

  • Crafted Operations Plans for production departments.
  • Developed technology solutions for company communications.
  • Crated staffing needs and operational budgets for a new venue.
  • Built Standard Operating Procedures for hiring practices, project acquisition, and payroll management.
  • Improved revenue streams for a rental venue.

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We believe in fostering a sustainable industry.   Anyone who is continuously overworked will quickly burn out, creating high turn-over and low experience retention.  We work with Organizations to identify areas of growth that will lead to an increase in retention of their top staff. That includes reviewing the sustainability of current work schedules, time off, equipment and safety protocols, and career development training.