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Needs Assessments, Sourcing, Development

We understand the importance of making a managers workflow as efficient as possible. Technology has a role to play.

We should let a computer do what it does, so managers can focus on what only a human can do.

For the past 11 years, we’ve spent a significant amount of our time focused on developing technology solutions to help managers:

  • Centralize information and create better visibility over their work.
  • Reduce redundant data entry.
  • Eliminate mistakes.
  • Streamline communication process.

We Specialize In:

    • Project Managing the Software Development Process
    • Requirement writing
    • Designing interfaces
    • Sourcing and Interfacing with development teams
    • On-boarding organizations to new technology
  • Working with organizations to create custom solutions

We are Creators of Propared.

A cloud-based production planning software revolutionizing how arts organizations manage show logistics and streamline communications.


Centralize all production and logistics information into a single system that speaks our language.

Ensuring everyone is working off the same information.


Generate complex calendars to see what is going on across projects, across venues, across departments.

Improving visibility over all the moving pieces and reducing redundant work.


Get info out and keep people up to date quickly and efficiently, no matter who’s involved.

 Reducing mistakes and miscommunication.

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