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Seminars, Training, Curriculum Consulting

For Universities, Conferences, & Organizations

We believe in quality education for aspiring managers in theatre and live events. Through dynamic curricula, access to the latest technology, professional partnerships, and leadership development, we design and teach educational programs to:

  • Broaden managerial skills.
  • Accelerate career growth.
  • Increase job potential.
  • Increase management awareness in the arts.

Popular Topics

  • Commercial Theatrical Production Management
  • Venue Management
  • Festival Management
  • Live Event and Corporate Event Management
  • Budgeting for Production Managers
  • Intro to Business for Managers in the Arts
  • Management Principles: Critical Analysis of the Management Workflow
  • Leadership & Communication
  • Production Managing Large Scale Events
  • Affecting Change in Arts Organizations
  • Database Theory for Arts Organizations
  • Hiring: Eliminating Bias in Interviews
  • Propared in the Professional World

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Curriculum Consulting

We also work with educators to create Production Management Curriculum in university undergraduate and graduate programs.

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